Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

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Successful business owners understand that their employees or human capital are the most important of their resources. The ability to attract and retain employees is crucial to your business success and an adequate Employee Benefits Program that will provide you with the perfect element to achieve your goal.

A Health Benefits plan provides protection for employees and their families. We have developed strategic relationships with major suppliers within the insurance industry in order to provide our clients with leading products and services. Our specialists benefits team has developed an efficient process to evaluate, design, implement, communicate and finally monitor the program on an ongoing basis to ensure the program proves to be effective for both parties; the employees and the employer.

GoTo Benefits (GoTo Insure.ca) recognizes that having a competitive insurance program allow you to build a strong workforce, promote heath and wellness within your industry, encourage loyalty and improve productivity. We are confident that our investigation to bring you a wide range of possibilities can provide you with a competitive and attractive Employee Benefits program for your employees. Through the process, we can identify and implement the programs specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of each unique situation.

From small businesses to larger corporations, you will enjoy several advantages by offering this coverage to your employees.

There are many types of group and employer sponsored plans available for a variety of different purposes. If you have as few as one employee plus yourself, you may be eligible for a group plan. If you have ten or more employees, you may also be eligible to provide voluntary employer supported plans in addition to regular group plans.

With years of experience in the Health Benefits sector, our specialists understand how important choosing the proper insurance plan can be for your business. If you're looking to protect and keep your employees happy and productive, we will work to help you turn your plan into a competitive advantage.

When you offer these benefits to your employees, you may also have the option to expand the program to include wellness initiatives as well, that serve to improve the overall health of the organizations employees and in turn improve the bottom line.

Your Employee Benefits will be at an advantage because as the member of the plan, they benefit from the large group that help to ensure the premiums are sustainable and offer savings to the private plans offered to individuals. This means they will be saving hundreds of dollars on health insurance every year. Better still, they will have the peace of mind that if they ever need it, they will have immediate access to expert medical attention.

From simple plans to some loaded with coverage options, we'll present you with a diverse selection. If you already have coverage, we offer free, no-obligation reviews to ensure you're getting what you need. No matter what industry you're in, our professionals offer flexible solutions reliable and friendly service and advice.

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Our insurance specialists will explore the full range of options, design affordable and flexible programs and will solve problems quickly and easily. Furthermore the process is simple.

Contact GoTo Benefits Inc. (GoToInsure.ca) at 506-458-1220 locally or call us Toll Free at 1-800-235-7577 and we would be pleased to discuss how we can assist you with implementing or updating your Health Benefits program today.

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